Friday, March 4, 2011

A Letter from Beatrice in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

We received a letter from Beatrice, one of our sisters in the Democratic Republic of the Congo! So excited to receive a letter, this one is dated October 15, 2010. It takes some time to send or receive letters, they must be translated first and there are many letters to do!

Hello to my friend, I am doing well. Thanks a lot for the financial support you are sending me through Women for Women International, I am really glad to get it.

My name is Beatrice *** *** . I have not a husband. I am 22 years old and have three children, they are not going to school. The first born is 3 years old, the second born is 2 years old, the third born is 1 year old.

I bought a chicken with the money you gave me. May God bless you.

With your help we've been supporting Beatrice, and another sister Florida (has never written, some of the ladies don't.) for the last year. Thank you all for your generosity and love! Interested in supporting your own sister? Visit