Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Letter from our Women for Women Sister!

You all know that Shower Treat Soap uses five percent of our profits to sponsor two women and their families each year through Women for Women International. So far with your love and support we've sponsored 14 women from all around the world! I thought you might enjoy reading this latest letter from Florida, our sister in Rwanda. It was sent around Christmas time, but every letter must be sent then translated, so it often takes a long time to arrive.

"Dear beloved sponsor, how are you doing over their and how is life? The reason for this letter is to send my greetings and sincere thanks for your support. Your actions have been very supportive. I have been leading a very bad life made of poverty and loneliness, and ignorance. So because of this program, I am making forward steps in order to reduce poverty. For loneliness, it is no longer there because I work with a big number of women with different ideas. For literacy, I get knowledge and skills from school. So you can see how my problems have gone. All these are important issues in our day to day life. We aquired knowledge of AIDS prevention and family planning. Also sanitation and hygiene, be it on your body or the environment. Fight for human rights. So this is all I can say, God bless you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Great job, everyone!!